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Seminar on Zika, Vaccination, and Ethics

16th November 2016, Aarhus University, Campus Nobel, Building 1453, Room 513

2016.11.03 | Mikkel Pade

The Zika infection raises complex ethical questions around whether, when, and how to extend research to pregnant women. The seminar discusses these on the basis on a report from the project Pregnancy, Research, and Public Health Emergencies led by professor Ruth Faden, Johns Hopkins University.


  • 9.30 Professor Finn Skou Pedersen, Dept. of Molecular Biology and Genetics, AU: The Biology of the Zika Virus
  • 10.00 Professor Anne Line Dalsgaard, Dept. of Anthropology, AU, Ph.D. students Clarissa Martins, Federal University of São Carlos, Brazil and Maria Nielsen, Dept. of Anthropology, AU: Zika Virus in Brazil – an Anthropological Point of View
  • 10.30 Vice-Dean Lise Wogensen Bach, Faculty of Health Sciences, AU: Ethical Issues in the Zika Virus Vaccine Trials and Pregnancy
  • 11.00 General discussion